How to Recover Quickly After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a common procedure among adults in the United States, and millions of teeth are extracted each year. Whether it's a simple or surgical extraction, it's important to follow your dentist's instructions to ensure a quick recovery. The first 24 hours after extraction are the most important for reducing bleeding and preventing the blood clot from being lost in the cavity. Maintaining the blood clot is essential for tooth extraction healing, and most people are back to normal in a matter of days.

You can usually go back to work or school in a day or two, but check with your dentist first. Simple extractions are performed when the tooth is visible and easy to access, is intact and has no other complications. Surgical extractions may be necessary in more complicated cases, such as when the tooth is impacted (below the gums), is very decayed, or breaks. To avoid complications that could jeopardize your recovery, it's important to follow all tooth extraction care instructions.

This includes taking any prescribed medications, avoiding strenuous activities, eating soft foods, and avoiding smoking or drinking alcohol. By following your dentist's instructions and answering any questions, you can ensure that you recover quickly from tooth extraction. With improvements in anesthetics, tools and procedures, tooth extraction can be surprisingly not so bad.

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