How Long Does It Take to Perform a Tooth Extraction?

If you've received a stronger anesthetic than a local anesthetic, you may need more time for your tooth extraction procedure. Generally, the entire process will take around an hour and a half, including registration, preparation, and recovery with anesthesia. However, if you need bone grafts or dental implants during the same procedure, the duration will be longer. Our doctors will provide you with a more accurate schedule based on your needs.

The amount of time it takes to extract a tooth depends on the type of extraction needed. A simple extraction is done when the tooth is fully visible and is not chipped, cracked, or broken. If the tooth hasn't come out of the gumline or is broken, a surgical extraction may be necessary. This involves loosening the tooth in the socket and stretching the ligament to allow it to move more freely.

It's important to know how long a tooth extraction can take for various reasons. In addition to general curiosity, it's important to plan ahead for any appointments or activities that may be affected by the procedure. At Southside Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia, our dental experts are experienced in performing both simple and surgical extractions. We understand that each patient's needs are unique and will provide you with an accurate schedule based on your individual oral health history.

We strive to make sure that your experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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