Do I Need a Day Off After Tooth Extraction?

After tooth extraction, it is important to plan for a day of rest. Swelling, pain, and bleeding are common side effects of the procedure. Research studies suggest that it is common to take 1 to 3 days off after wisdom tooth extraction. If you are unsure if you need to take time off work, it is best to consult your dentist for advice.

If you cannot take much time off work, it is recommended to schedule the extraction for Friday afternoon so that you have the weekend to recover. If this is not possible, try having your tooth taken out towards the end of the day so that you can rest through the night without having to worry about work. It is important to note that resuming your daily activities without downtime after a tooth extraction is an exaggeration. Dental experts generally recommend resting for 48 to 72 hours before resuming daily activities.

During this period, it is important to avoid any commitment or effort that requires a lot of physical movement and activity. Some people may return to work the next day after a tooth has been extracted if their job does not require much physical activity. It is also important to avoid consuming alcohol on the day of the extraction, before or after the procedure, as this will make you prone to bleeding. Alcohol causes blood vessels to open (dilate), so if you are planning a big night out or a celebration, be sure to keep this in mind.

The recovery time and where you remove it may also depend on the type of pain medication you consider necessary to use after the tooth extraction procedure. Extracting a tooth may not take too long or cause immediate problems; however, this procedure may affect you later that same day. Tooth extraction is an invasive procedure that requires making the necessary adjustments for the expected downtime after treatment.

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